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Damayanthi Herath

Department of Computer Engineering, University of Peradeniya

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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Interests: Data Engineering, Computational Biolengineering, Software Engineering

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I am glad we met. I am an individual seeking to be an edutainer (which is yet to be properly defined and practiced) in Engineering.

I am an alumnus of The University of Melbourne, and The University of Peradeniya and am employed at the latter as a Senior Lecturer. I carry on my research at Computational Biology Resarch Group at Peradeniya.

You will learn most of me here. This space has 2 purposes: Firstly, it outlines most of my past/current work/interests. Secondly, it serves me the purpose of a journal. For a quick look, check my CVand Blog

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Book Reviews

I do not read (for leisure) often, but do invest my time on a story book at times, and writing a review on it. A book read is like a long gone friend, and each of us may like different features of that friend. There is a chance that my friend is not a friend of yours too. I hope we can still be friends even if so.


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Teaching Philosophy Statement

I belive on and practice mindfulness. The look at inward fascinates at the same time surprises me.